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About State Laws by ULCS


  • Laws are subject to change, and it is the responsibility of the minister to know and comply with the laws of the state in which the marriage is to be officiated. 
  • States may require the minister to register his or her credentials or file for permission from the state prior to officiating a marriage.
  • Marriage is a civil contract, as well as a spiritual rite and to the extent that the couple wishes their marriage to be recognized and legal by the government, you must adhere carefully to such laws. 
  • In some states it is illegal and considered a public offense to unlawfully solemnize a marriage, which means you should be certain that you're properly ordained, in goodstanding and comply with all requirements of the state in which the marriage occurs.
  • Laws are always subject to change, check to be sure that you comply with the government agency having jurisdiction in the state where the wedding is to be performed prior to solemnizing the marriage. 
  • A Universal Life Church minister is a minister, just like any other and the same laws and requirements must apply equally to ministers of all churches. 

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