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Get Ordained and Become a Minister

Thank you for choosing to become a minister with the Universal Life Church - our ordinations are always free and granted to you for life. As an ordained minister you can: start a ministry, be a professional wedding officiant, perform weddings for friends and family, perform funerals & baptisms and have all rights and privileges of clergy.


  • Use a valid Email Address - it will be your login and how we keep track your ordination.
  • Check the spelling of your name - your ordination will be recorded exactly as you enter it here.

By completing this application you will become a minister with the Universal Life Church. Your ordination is granted to you completely free and without any charge or obligation. Your ordination is granted to you for life and without question of faith. We value your privacy and do not furnish any private information to any outside organizations for any purpose or reason.

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As you complete your application know that it is no different than handwriting your name and information on paper and mailing it to us, and by doing so you agree to our terms of service. Each request is always reviewed for completeness. You must include your complete name or it will be rejected. Frivolous names will be rejected and removed. No one is rejected because of their name, but we must protect the integrity of the records.


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