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How do I know my Ordination is Legal?


The Universal Life Church, as with any church or large organization; has many different options and ways for you to get ordained. 

We provide materials directly to you without delay. There are, however some other sites which offer materials which claim to be Universal Life Church. These website attempt to confuse you and other visitors into believing they are a part of the original Universal Life Church in Modesto.

These sites are the proprietors whom use misleading titles, meta tags, and even use Universal Life Church in their name in an attempt to fool visitors into believing they are dealing with the original Universal Life Church.The ordinations issued by these malicious and rogue sites are never sent to or recorded with the church in Modesto and may not be recognized by states.

There are also some web sites that purport to be ULC sanctioned sites, but which only take people's money and do not report the ordinations to the universal life church at all, which means that the ordinations are never recorded and are not legal!

There have also been reports of people offering ULC ordinations for sale on ebay as well. There are many dishonnest people in the world and be aware that if your ordination is not from www.ulc.co, you should re-ordained with us to ensure that your ordination is properly recorded.

Universal Life Church Headquarters, began operations on the in early 1997, with the full cooperation of the congergation, growing over time and enjoy a great reputation in the ULC community. We maintain a sophisticated order management system, confirmation of orders, minister support, and minister review system keep in touch with our ministers. As well as the largest FAQ to your answer questions as quickly as possible.

If you still have further questions if your ordination with the universal life church please contact us.

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