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How to perform a wedding by ULCS

  1. Make sure you have been ordained with our ministry and that you have received your credentials
  2. Make sure your license is valid or you have registered in the state you are going to perform the ceremony. Their may be additional requirements, before you can perform the wedding.
  3. Meet with the couple
    1. Decide which service they would like performed
      1. Decide if the service be nondenominational, more religious formal or more of a civil ceremony.
      2. Decide if any religious verses, if any will be used
      3. Decide if they would like family or friends to read
      4. Decide if any other suggestion that could be incorporated in to the ceremony
    2. Decide on who the witnesses will be
    3. Decide who is writing the vows
    4. Decide on what the fee is, if any and when it is due.
  4. Select any music that the couple might want played
    1. Have the couple decide when and where during the service they want the music
    2. Decide if hiring a singer or band, or just use the church's organist or choir.
  5. Perform a wedding rehearsal. (Done the day or night before the wedding).
    1. A rehearsal is key to make sure that the wedding will run smooth
  6. Day of the Wedding
    1. Arrive at the church at least an hour before the wedding.
    2. Have the couple sign and the witnesses sign the the marriage license. *Depending on your ceremony this may be done during the ceremony. Some ministers will complete license after the ceremony.
    3. After the ceremony photo copy the license for your records
    4. Mail it to the proper local or state agency.
    5. Don't mail it until the ceremony is completed and over!.
  7. Officiate the wedding just as you had practiced on the rehearsal day.
  8. Conclude the Ceremony and Introduce the couple

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