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What is your refund policy by ULCS

Universal Life Church seven credentials and supplies are available to our members and ministers only. If you have not been ordained you may not request credentials.

You may not obtain credentials or supplies for resale. ULCS reserves the right to refuse or cancel any request for supplies or credentials, if the ULCS suspects you are obtaining them for resale.

In the past our refund policy was misused by those who created false reasons for refund but continued to use their credentials. Because of those who abused our return policy, a stricter refund policy for credentials has now been established.

Accepted Circumstances for refund:

Your Item or product is a non-digital shipped product.  We do not offer refunds on any order which contains a digital item or credential. 

If a technical error has occurred with your credentials; our support staff will provide a corrected version within 14 days; if after 14 days our staff can not provide your credentials a refund will be issued for the defective credentials.

To have a refund issued in the event of a defective credential or technical error:

You will need to email and provide us with the following:
A copy of your invoice the "Order Process" email which is sent via email when you successfully place an order.
A description of the problem you found with your credentials.

Unaccepted Circumstances
We do not offer refunds or exchanges.

Including but not limited to:

If your order contains any Digitial Item or Products,
At any time after a download has occurred.
Any time after your order has been set to processing
You misspelled your name, or any other user error when ordering.
You changed your mind after ordering.
You purchased on the recommendation of someone from the ULCS.

Please note any request for a refund must be made before any download occurs . If you have downloaded any portion of your order - we would like to remind you that when you placed your order, you agreed to these terms of service and this as our refund policy.

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NOTE:The Universal Life Church does not engage in rendering accounting, legal or professional service advice. This information is provided "as is". The ULCS disclaim any loss or liability, either directly or indirectly as a consequence of applying the information presented herein, or in regard to the use of said information. No guarantee is given, either expressed or implied, in regard to the accuracy, or acceptability of the information.


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